Each coaching relationship is an exciting journey

From the many people who I coached, here are a few testimonials.


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United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation internal survey of people I have coached.

Gihan Bahig

Travel Operations Officer, Food and Agriculture Organisation, Shared Services Center, United Nations

"Initially I wanted to better understand and motivate my team, as well as cope with increased work pressures. My coaching with Claire achieved much more, helping me develop, and reassuring me during the discouraging times.

Claire has the ability to grasp the main details out of one’s flood of thoughts and to articulate them into meaningful and structured points. As she played back what she heard, I could clarify my own thoughts, improve and develop my own strategies to achieve my goals. I did not feel that any idea was imposed on me."

"Claire has the ability to grasp the main details out of one’s flood of thoughts and articulate them into meaningful and structured points."

Samantha Thompson

Partner at global law firm

"After relocating from Hong-Kong to London, I was looking for a change in direction, but was not clear as to how best to go about this. Claire equipped me with the tools to focus my efforts, and to best manage change and navigate difficult situations. She helped me gain greater self-awareness, insight and confidence.

Claire was very easy to talk to, and good at asking questions. She gave me exercises, which made me think and see things from a different perspective."

"I would certainly recommend Claire to anyone looking to make career decisions"

Rahul, not real name

Fast Moving Consumer Goods, unsolicited feedback

I want to really thank you for the coaching sessions you had with me. It has helped me tremendously. If I look back, I feel I am a different person – with better understanding and more maturity."

Thanks for listening to me, quizzing me and, most importantly, going through my frustrations."

Sergio, not real name

Global CS Operations

Working with Claire got me to fully understand my strengths but also, more importantly, my weaknesses. Thanks to that I was able to adjust accordingly and deliver more effectively at my work."

Totally recommended!"


HR Manager, Food industry

My coaching with Claire exceeded my expectations. She helped me clarify my “leadership brand” as well as step back to best balance professional and non-professional commitments during critical transitions.

I very much appreciated the quality of Claire’s coaching and want to thank her. It was extremely valuable and enabled me to reach clarity of thoughts and to widen my views. This contributed to increase the quality of my relationships with my direct reports and bring success to major projects. "

"I have become more visible and recognized by senior managers. The coaching boosted my pride and my personal growth."

Maxime Sauvageon

Area Sales Manager, France, Mars Group

"I was very positively surprised by my coaching sessions with Claire, which I rated 10 out of 10. They supported me learn the techniques presented in the leadership development programme I was attending.

With a good understanding of my role, Claire pushed me to think, apply and step back. This enabled me to reflect on my leadership style and to change significantly. Claire was very professional and pleasant to work with. "

"I very much enjoyed my sessions with her and I could very well experience the power of coaching. Perfect!"

Minh-Tam Janssens

Independent Consultant in Higher Education after career transition

"As I was leaving the financial sector after 25 years, I considered other career and lifestyle options. Claire offered a supportive and objective approach to the professional and personal aspects of my search for new directions.

She provided a good sounding board, while using her insight to guide me sensitively through a challenging time of my life. We formulated the plan for a new career and the necessary steps to achieve this goal."

"I am now established with a growing business, income, a good work-life balance, and a role in a handful of my chosen charities."

Rajiv Agarwal

Senior Officer, Food and Agriculture Organisation, United Nations

After 18 years in multinational companies and 10 years at the United Nations, I wanted to work on my leadership and improve my handling of teams. My coaching with Claire enabled me to understand the different leadership styles and to measure the fine line between the style that you adopt in a situation and the one that would be best.

I am very grateful for this coaching opportunity, as it will help me over the next 20 years, in my personal, professional and social life.

"I am now ready to lead larger teams with clear vision, improved communication and greater maturity."

Laurent Leblic

Mars Market Director

"I had the opportunity to experience Claire’s coaching during several months twice in 2012 and 2014.

This coaching was integrated into a training programme on management excellence, covering different topics such as engaging associates, developing talent, managing and measuring work, having crucial conversations…"

"Thanks to Claire’s support I made a lot of improvement that enabled me to successfully fulfil my role and be recognized as such."


Planning Manager, leading global company in the restaurant industry

"As a perfectionist, wanting to be in control of everything, I was close to burn out when Claire started coaching me. She did exactly what I needed. She put structure around my thinking about who I am, what I want in my life, my priorities, concretely how to get there, and what behaviours and measures could help me on my journey for change.

Claire asked the right questions and challenged me. This coaching became a life changer for me both personally and professionally."

"I simply feel happier and less stressed. Thank you so much Claire!"


Order to Cash Manager, Food industry

"Claire has been my coach for 3 telephone sessions between April and July 2015. I could chose from a variety of modules to prepare for each session. The modules were ideal for my new management role. Claire was able to have me develop new perspectives by asking the right questions and giving valuable input to practical case.

"I never had a coaching before but it is a very helpful way to approach my professional challenges and I can only recommend Claire as a Coach because she listens, grasps the topics quickly and leads to solutions and key learning."

Raluca Alexandrescu

Key Account Manager, Mars Petcare

"My coaching sessions with Claire were amazing! We worked on personal, business and human resources topics.

Claire was a very good listener and coached me effectively on the role of a leader and on the way I wanted to approach my new role as a manager."

"The outputs of this coaching were brilliant, as I turned my first leadership challenges into successes… Trust was a key factor that enabled me to share all my questions!"

Monika Schwertner

Coach, Business Consultant, Managing Director

"As a coach and business consultant, I had very high expectations from being coached myself. I am happy to say that Claire did great! She was laser-focused in supporting me develop precisely in the areas I needed to address. Claire helped me structure my ideas and my approach regarding my business. As a result I managed to make huge progress in my development as an entrepreneur."

"Now I feel I have my business engine under control, which is a wonderful success to me! Claire's role in this process was extremely important!"

Isabelle Garnier

Leading european HR role, food industry

"Claire has the ability to immediately create a safe environment, where you can feel comfortable and focus on your development. She is really adaptable to provide you with the coaching that will make sense in the situation you face. The most important thing she helped me develop is my self-confidence and I can see the benefits through the way I interact with others. "

"Her coaching exceeded my expectations and brought significant change."

Alison Holmes

Chief, HR Policy and Advisory Services, United Nations (IOM)

"Claire has a unique ability to get to the heart of a problem and challenge the person she is coaching to think about the issue from different perspectives and different angles. She doesn’t present a solution – rather leads her coachee to arrive at it him/herself."

"Even my more skeptical managers came away from a few hours of coaching saying that the hours invested had been time very well spent."

William Marvin

Sr. Finance Officer, FAO Rome

"Claire's coaching style gets to the heart of your management issues by asking the right probing questions. Nothing was boilerplate or reductive. Each of us as managers face unique situations and need unique solutions that match our own styles and personalities. Claire allowed that to happen by guiding me to the answers that I needed, answers that were already there, but that I needed to discover."

"I am extremely grateful for her professionalism and support."

Jacques (not real name)

United Nations

"Claire has coached me during a time I was transitioning to leading 200 people delivering humanitarian aid. I work in one of the countries with highest security threat level in the world. Claire has helped me improve my communication with the donors and better manage the team and its performance. This has enabled me to feel more confident and therefore more impactful in my role."

"We talked the same language and I felt supported. It was very useful to me to step back through the coaching."

John (not real name)

Business Advisor

"Claire helped me handle a difficult leadership challenge by addressing the whole picture and looking at the interests of all those involved. At the same time Claire monitored the progress of each session through a questionnaire that induces awareness and reflection."

"Deploying both coaching art and craft, Claire led me to follow what proved to be the best of alternatives I was examining."

Nine Managers surveyed

FAO (United Nations) HQ and Worldwide

"Those individuals based across the globe were coached over 6 months per phone or Skype.

They mostly worked on improving interpersonal relationships, the management of challenges and the management of their workload. At the end of their coaching, they responded anonymously to 21 questions covering their coaching experience.

"100% would recommend, their rating of all aspects of their coaching was 8.9/10 in average."

Caralyn Scales

Head of Operational Risks, Group Digital & Transformation Risks, Lloyds Banking Group

"Claire was a fantastic coach - I really enjoyed our conversations and looked forward to the insight she brought to my situation My first session I was in a negative and vulnerable mindset, Claire listened patiently and worked through my areas of concern being able to identify quickly with my development areas - identifying quickly some areas that I was being hard on myself and encouraging me to open up to my Director - this resulted in very quick turnaround of attitude, thoughts and results. "

"The coaching brought me greater insight to my behaviours, thoughts and the thoughts of others; actions to take forward and encouragement to use the tools."

Romain Boivin

Production Manager Wrapping Department, Wrigley

"10/10 rating on all aspects. Claire is a wonderful coach. She helped me a lot to gain powerful insights that inspired me to change. Claire was able to create a safe environment that was key to building the trust in the relationship. She showed a true interest in what I expressed. I gained self-confidence and resistance to stress. I improved the quality of the relationship with my team and my peers. I am more efficient and the impact is visible on me, on my team and on others. "

"I now understand the impact my emotional state has on my leadership."

Sylvie Wabbes

Liaison and Operation Officer, FAO

"Claire, the results of your good coaching are amazing. After 9 months of your 12 months coaching, it is fascinating to see the positive, gradual and slow changes in my work/life balance. The key element is to implement these little changes following your good advice, in a daily manner, which make a life difference in the long term."

"I manage better the workload and my energy and thus I feel lighter and better."


FAO, United Nations

"Claire is extremely competent. She is a great listener and is capable of capturing my needs and addressing them in a very professional way. What worked very well was her empathy as well as her ability to ask me the right questions to reveal the real problems and the root causes. She pushed me to find a strategy myself. Having open discussions with an outsider was of great help to improve my attitudes, my behaviours and my ways of thinking."

"I would recommend Claire for other coaching programmes. She is perfect."

Niall Heenan

Coach of the Year 2015, ICF Ireland

"Claire was my mentor-coach as part of my credentialing renewal for the ICF. I found her to be insightful, supportive and yet challenging in terms of my approach to coaching. She was professional throughout and displayed a great sense of awareness of the competencies required in coaching."

"My coaching work has benefited from her input, she facilitated me to think deeply on important issues in relation to my coaching practice and, at all times, she was supportive and clear in her feedback."